This Spanish city will become very trendy in the coming months

The prestigious British newspaper guardian He pointed to Oviedo as one of the most fashionable cities to become This is thanks to two cases: the opening of the highway from Madrid to Asturias and its status as the capital of Spanish gastronomy for 2024.

In an extensive article, the English media highlighted this “The Asturian city is the home of revered cider, cheese, meat and beans. The new railway line now facilitates access from Madrid.”

In this sense, he warns, “weekends for Madrid residents and individual vacations for visitors are more attractive than ever, especially for food lovers who are attracted to restaurants.” “Food of the greenest and freshest regions of Spain.”

“It is the long traditions of fishing, ranching and agriculture in Asturias that make this happen “Seafood, meat, beans, corn, milk and cider are famous throughout Spain.”He says Watchman, Which also highlights that some local dishes such as cacioppo and fabada “are also common dishes in Madrid, and in Asturian restaurants such as Casa Hortensia or El Nero” and are great champions now more than ever in Oviedo itself, the capital of gastronomy.

The newspaper also praises The most famous traditional sweets in the city: Muscovites, “crunchy almonds and chocolate chips,” and Carpaignons, “glazed donuts filled with almond cream.”

In addition, Asturian cider is discontinued: “Asturias is one of the largest producers of cider A natural product in the world, which is protected under the state of origin when made from any of the 76 certified apple varieties.

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“The unique culture surrounding Asturian cider, from production methods to consumption habits, is evaluated for its classification by UNESCO.” as intangible heritage” Add.

guardian He concludes: “From its 400 km coastline to the Picos de Europa, “The physical geography of Asturias is as diverse as its culinary products.”

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