The ’21 World Cyclocross Championship is already waiting for Menorcan Ruth Moll

Ipswich (UK), Saturday 4 December. This is where and the date veteran Ciutadella cyclist, Ruth Moll (1974) already marked in the red on her sports calendar for several months. Due to the covid-19 epidemic, the UCI was forced to announce last year that the World Masters Cycling Championship was permanently cancelled. The event, which was scheduled to take place in Mall (Belgium) on January 16 and 17, 2021, after being postponed, was officially canceled, at the request of the organizers, next December. Now, almost a year later, Ruth Maul sees the person approaching her – as she even pointed out on social media – “the great target of the season”.

Before moving on to this major world championship, the famous Menorcan cyclist kicked off a new season last weekend, ready to arrive in top form on English soil. Mall Sunday finished this off on a very good note and feeling for CX’s first weekend of the 2021-22 season. It was in the cities of Medina de Pomar and Villarcayo, in the cyclocross of those two cities, that the Menorcans took both victories, “and a wonderful weekend. We began to experience the clients in the best way,” he said, after taking the first win in Medina de Pomar; As in Villarcayo, “Enjoying the track and thinking about the goal of the great season,” he noted.

Very intense weeks

Moll confirmed this Tuesday to this newspaper his registration for the World Master 2021, ciutadellenca, of Asturias, presents that “this month and a half left until I go to England I will try to compete in all the races I can prepare for this appointment.” The former professional mountain biker who now lives in Asturias and is also dedicated to the world of cycling and nature knows that her season is just beginning. “I have just over a month and a half left and I hope to do my best in England and to be as high as possible,” he said.

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Ruth Mall plans to compete every week in the Spanish Cups and Asturian events, “to get the rhythm of competition and the spark needed for a World Cup”. Then, in January, he will run the Spanish Championship in Shativa.

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