Women in Mexico Agree to Promote Feminist Foreign Policy

This meeting was held within the framework of the Third Ministerial Conference on Feminist Foreign Policies, held at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting, they discussed the submission of Mexico’s tenth report to the CEDAW Committee, the national report on the Beijing Platform for Action, the 16th Regional Women’s Conference for the Americas and Latin America and the 16th Regional Women’s Conference for the Americas and Latin America and the Caribbean, and the gender equality and climate change agenda.

Today the Third Ministerial Conference on Feminist Foreign Policies concludes in Mexico, where participants discussed joint work with civil society, experiences from the Global South, public policies implemented and the contribution of international organizations, among other topics.

They held a three-day panel discussion entitled “Feminist Foreign Policies and Development Cooperation from a Gender Perspective from Latin America and the Caribbean: A Caring Community for a Better World.”

The panel discussion presented the contribution of the Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean to the countries represented, especially the care community.

They also exchanged points on the growing field of feminist foreign policy and international cooperation for development from a gender perspective, highlighting the region’s contribution, among other topics discussed during the dialogue.

Similarly, they developed a panel entitled “Redefining Leadership: Transforming Global Governance through a Feminist Lens for Gender Inclusive Progress,” exploring how feminist principles can be applied to international global governance structures and decision-making processes.

At the conclusion of the regional event, a meeting was held on the contributions of civil society to the implementation of feminist foreign policies for a better tomorrow.

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