With controversy, FIFA confirmed that the pending match between Argentina and Brazil will be played – Business and Politics

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has finally announced that the suspended match between Brazil and Argentina will be repeated to satisfactorily complete the sixth date of the South American Qualifiers. What caught the attention of the referee’s points was the comment on two dates Emiliano “Dibo” MartinezAnd Emiliano BuendiaAnd Christian “Kitty” Romero s Giovanni Lo Celso For non-compliance with the protocol for the international return of football matches.

But that is not all, as the Brazilian and Argentine football federations will have to pay economic sanctions to suspend the match played on September 5 in Sao Paulo.

The CBF will have to pay a fine of 500,000 Swiss francs – about 540,000 US dollars – “as a result of offenses committed against security and public order”.

For its part, the AFC will have to pay 200,000 Swiss francs – $216,000 – for “breaching its obligations in terms of security and public order, match preparations and participation”.

“The FIFA Disciplinary Committee concluded that the abandonment of the match was due to various shortcomings of the parties involved in their responsibilities and/or obligations,” the statement justified. In turn, he stated that the decision was made after a “thorough investigation”.

With regard to the sanctions imposed on football players, it is important to remember that Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has advised a mandatory quarantine for football players of the Argentine national team. Emiliano MartinezAnd Giovanni Lo CelsoAnd Christian Romero s Emiliano Buendiafrom the United Kingdom, and asked to prevent them from staying in the country for violating immigration regulations related to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Anfisa denounced that these players had lied in the affidavit they signed upon entering Brazil from Caracas, ignoring that they had been in England for at least 14 days. It is worth noting that at no time in the report did the referee mention that Argentina withdrew from the field of play, but rather that the Argentine team, as soon as the call was received, went to the dressing room.


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