With 100% of the tally lists, Pedro Castillo won the presidential election in Peru

The presidential candidate of the Peru Libre Organization, Pedro Castillo, won the election on the far-right for Popular Power, Keiko Fujimori, after the National Office for Electoral Operations (ONPE) captured 100 percent of the minutes.

After completing the accounting process, Castillo leads the results with 50.12 percent, accounting for 8,835,579 votes; While Fujimori received 49.87 percent, which equals 8,791,521 votes.

The far-right candidate and daughter of former dictator Alberto Fujimori, a few days after authorities finished tallying the record, requested cancellations at 802 polling stations for alleged fraud she had never argued.

Given Fujimori’s persistent accusations of defeating the electoral system, Castillo asked the National Elections Arbitration Commission (JNE) to enforce the will of the Peruvian people.

“The call for elections to cancel (…) continues to be called, we are anxiously awaiting the result,” said Peruvian candidate Lieber.

Peruvians are waiting for the JNE to officially announce Castillo as the country’s new president.

Castillo urged his political opponents to accept the election results and not plunge the country into a sea of ​​uncertainty, adding that “democracy has rules and deadlines that we must all respect.”

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With the participation of 1,885,616 citizens, the rural area was crucial to Castillo in the victory over Fujimori, which has the support of Peru’s business and media.

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