Winston Churchill auctioned Angelina Jolie for € 9.5 million | News

Angelina Jolie sold one of Churchill’s most important paintings at auction for 9 and a half million euros. The Koutoubia Mosque tower (1943) It was the only painting by a British politician during World War II and it was from the Private Actress’ collection. A gift Brad Brett gave her in 2011, when they were still a married couple, which he ignored five years after their separation is known. Pitt, who is also an art collector, acquired the piece at MS Rau Antiquarian in New Orleans for € 2.4 million, a figure far lower than the number Christie’s auctioned in London yesterday auctioned in the UK. Your turn in Inglourious Basterds, A movie written and directed by Tarantino in 2009 about Nazi Germany, which inspired him to buy work. The painting passed from Churchill to United States President Franklin Roosevelt. However, the play ended in a closet for more than 15 years until Brad Pitt arrived. Winston Churchill, in addition to being a politician, was an amateur painter who used the days following the Casablanca Conference in Marrakech to paint one of his most famous works.

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