Economics / Finance. PayFit closes $ 90 million round of financing

Madrid, 18 (Europe Press)

PayFit has closed a new round of € 90 million, in addition to the 89 million previously raised, and is thus progressing towards its goal of simplifying human resource management across all European SMEs, as reported Thursday.

Previous investors (Accel, Frst, and Xavier Niel) participated in the tour, along with Eurazeo Growth, BPI France and Large Venture, and once again expressed their support for the company.

Five years after its inception, PayFit supports more than 5,000 SMEs in France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy and has 550 employees in offices in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Berlin and London.

The new investment round will allow you to continue developing your HR solution, enhancing your offerings and supporting your growth strategy by hiring 250 new professionals this year.

In addition to improving existing functions, PayFit plans to develop new functions, such as having a unit to manage weekly meetings between employees and their manager or the ability to send opinion polls, some developments that will be implemented internally but also through new integrations with other actors of digitization, such as the one that has been Already implemented with Holded, Qonto and Alan.

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