Why you shouldn't share your private information with Gemini, their AI-powered chatbot

For Google, the “Age of Gemini” has begun. It also means beefing up the privacy policies of its latest AI tools

Gemini is the new name for Google's chatbot, which was previously known as Bard

The arrival of Gemini as Bard's replacement marks a before and after in Google's history. The company, in fact, is talking about The beginning of the “Age of Gemini”. The era where your chatbot becomes AI-driven is connection Between the services and platforms that make up its ecosystem. This is of course, It also carries some risks In terms of privacy.

Since ChatGPT became one of the most popular services in the world a little over a year ago, we've seen how some people do it They shared sensitive information with the chatbot OpenAI, without taking into account the consequences. Google knows this, and they know it The same thing can happen with GeminiEven more so now that Google's chatbot is already on millions of Android devices around the world.

To avoid possible problems, the company decided Send alert to Gemini users To notify them of this Why that might not be a good idea Share private or confidential information with your language model.

“Do not share data that you do not want a human reviewer to see.”

Behind the Gemini chatbot is Homogeneous language model Introduced by Google at the end of last year. If you're using the free method of the tool, Gemini Pro is the version of the model you interact with, and only those who pay for the premium version have access to a larger model with better understanding and reasoning capabilities. Gemini Ultra (Although there is a way to do this for free). So, whenever a user uses any of the Gemini apps, Its requests and messages are received and interpreted by the language model itself.

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but Google does not rule out the possibility of the content that users share with Gemini being reviewed by a human. The company has They have updated their service privacy policies To clarify the matter and send a message to its users indicating the following:

Don't include sensitive information in your conversations with Gemini apps or data that you don't want a reviewer to see or for Google to use to improve its products, services, and machine learning technologies.

Therefore it is possible that Information that is shared The review may end up being done by a human reviewer at Google, which could have unintended consequences if the information is sensitive. Although Google It is recommended to avoid sharing private informationThe company also takes the opportunity to mention this The information that reaches reviewers is not linked to the user's account.

Likewise, Google explains that conversations with Gemini apps are subject to human review It is not eliminated If the activity of the applications themselves is deleted, however It is kept for a maximum of 3 years. In case you want to check What activity is registered with GeminiIt's possible Access the activity page Provided by Google to users.

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