Telegram: With this trick, you can put “statuses” as in WhatsApp

cable Nobody was Instant messaging applications Most benefited after the controversial announcement of the change in Privacy policies From The WhatsApp, Because within a few days it reached 500 million active users.

At the beginning of January, own the popular app The social networking site Facebook Announce that there will be changes in terms and conditions Of use and that, by your acceptance, you allow the technology to gain access personal information, Which caused annoyance and confusion among users.

This caused Exodus of WhatsApp users Towards other apps – the most secure, they said – like Telegram or Signal, Although they are not the only ones to offer an instant messaging service, they are by far the most popular in the sector.

In the case of Telegram, it has managed to position itself as the third most used messaging app in the world, in addition to allowing casting Encrypted messages And do Video calls, Has other interesting functions like messages which are destroyed, sending Heavy files Or even save files to a personal cloud.

Are there “cases” or “stories” on Telegram?

If you have already switched to Telegram, you are in the process of exploring everything in the app; However, some users have asked in social networks or among their contacts if they can put “statusLike on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook.

Unfortunately, Telegram does not have an option to put in the emailStates or stories, But it has alternative It works much the same way, and below we tell you how to use it:

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1. Open the Telegram app on iOS or Android

2. In the case of Android, tap on the three lines and then tap on your image; There you have the option to upload multiple images as stories; If you have an iPhone, tap the bottom button Settings then select New Photo or Video Mode

3. When the contacts see your profile, they will see that you have shared some pictures and they will be able to see them as if they were “stories”

4. These photos or videos are not deleted automatically; If you want to delete it, go to the respective image and click on Delete

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