Why fake Covid-19 tests by UK students come back positive

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A false positive is detected in a Covid-19 test; Thus, students avoid going to class

Circulating on social media, many people have wondered why files Covid-19 tests by UK students came back positive. Supporter, unit of Fact Check From Notepress commissioned GlowDx, a biotechnology company based Ireland, which is a laboratory test to determine the validity of this forgery. The result obtained is correct, but cannot be considered real because it does not follow the procedure recommended by the test manufacturer. The lab, reported that it uses Covid-19 tests from brands rush NS Abbott.

According to the broker BBCKids have found a new way to avoid going to class using the LFD (Lateral Flow Device) test trick. This feat consists of putting a few drops of cola or orange juice into a Covid-19 test and thus getting a false positive result. This phenomenon spread very quickly tik tok In late 2020 and early 2021. United kingdom It is recommended to perform this test twice a week. If students test positive, they are asked to self-isolate to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Algatekri School, a school located in Liverpool Warn parents via email to be extra vigilant because they found out Students faked test results through this mechanism. About, Supporter Talk to the doctor Paula Gonzalez, laboratory manager GlowDxTo understand the scope of tradition. the covid-19 test It has two lines, one to control the device and one to indicate if a person’s result is positive. The specialist explained that if both lines are visible, then the result is considered positive. “In this case [la prueba de falsificación], both lines are highlightedGonzalez emphasized, but that has a logical explanation and It should not be taken as a true positive test.

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To be honest, Gonzalez said the testing was done in the GlowDx lab in Mexico Citygives a result”Clear“Positive. The educator also explained in the Health Steering Department, that the laboratory making the test gives exact instructions on how to take the test and in case of apparent positivity, all protocols are broken and therefore lacks legitimacy as a real test despite the fact that the process can be falsified, The first element to take into consideration is that This type of test must be performed by trained personnel NS Using pharyngeal hyssop to be valid. and later, There must be a certificate supporting the test resultThe doctor said. None of these conditions has been demonstrated in false results by children in the UK; Alert generation for parents by Gateacre School.

Explanation of the false positive result

The unknown to be resolved is Why does it give an “apparent” positive result when I put cola or orange juice in the device? The specialist says that its positivity is attributed to the pH of the orange juice drink. The device has two main components that are activated when a person tests positive for Covid-19. An item responds to a biological condition for the antibodies the test has added to it. The other responds to colloidal gold particles, which is what gives it the red position. It is colloidal gold that reacts with substances of a certain pH such as cola or orange juice. False results by UK students give an ‘apparently’ positive when the red color of colloidal gold is activated.

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Gonzalez explained that coloring lines covid-19 testIt’s very different“To what was obtained from the test using the procedure specified by the manufacturer. Based on laboratory analysis GlowDx, Corroborated concludes that the result is factWardrobe Doing so outside the manufacturer’s recommended procedure will falsify and invalidate the test.

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