Who will go to the next royal family event?

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he Kate Middleton's health condition has become a state issue in the United Kingdom. the He worries And expectations about Princess Woe Growing in recent days after his presence at an event in June was ruled out. Monday is the next big thing for British royal family It is not known exactly who will attend.

The fact that Prince William canceled his attendance at the last minute to honor his godfather, King Constantine of Greece, raises doubts about what will happen in the end, but if we stick to what Buckingham Palace reported, then… Queen Camilla He is expected to preside over the event on Monday at Westminster Abbey. A religious celebration held every year on Commonwealth Day.

For this part, Kate Middleton will not attendBut Prince William and other members of the royal family are expected to attend.

Concerned about Kate Middleton's health

In these circumstances, the silence of the princess only increased anxiety and sparked rumors about her condition and the state of her health. Among the voices speculating about this matter, British writer Robert Jobson, who is preparing a biography of her, recently spoke and confirmed that her recovery is proceeding normally, although it is not 100 percent.

At the moment, very little is officially known about what illness You can suffer. It is only known that he underwent abdominal surgery, but that was in mid-January, and since then British Royal House Be calm.

According to Jobson, Prince William's wife is handling her return calmly and, for the first time, will enjoy full-time motherhood.

Buckingham's silence fuels rumors about Kate Middleton's health: What's wrong with the princess?

However, the truth is that the last time she was seen at a public event was on December 25. Since then, anticipation has reached an extreme, as has the uncertainty surrounding it. Recently, a photo of her wearing sunglasses, which was published in the American media and supposedly a few days ago, barely appeared.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton's uncle, Gary Goldsmithwho started on a popular reality show that makes many headlines in the British press, spoke out to define her as “perfect” and ensure that the princess receives the best medical care.

As indicated, it is possible that she will be discharged from the hospital after Easter, but the mystery still continues.

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