A teacher from the UK travels to the Peruvian Amazon and finds love

In the event of a pandemic, an unexpected love story emerges that quickly spreads Social media.

it’s about Caroline Knightfrom the United Kingdom, and Romulus Eller, from Peru. Both young men met in Amazon jungle.

It all started when she was in Caroline’s school yoga Traveled with a group of friends to the territory of Peru.

Their intention was to teach some classes there, but they did not rely on an advertisement restrictions by covid-19, according to daily Mail.

Once in Peru, the 33-year-old British teacher went to a camp near Puerto Maldonado, a city known as the Southern Forest Access Road. Amazon.

On the trip, he met Romulo, a man from the sector, who was dedicated to cultivating cacao. Days passed and young people fell in love.

“I noticed that Romulo, he worked brilliantly and took care of the animals. In the afternoons we’d all go out together as a group, and Romulo was always up for conversation. He was shy and every time I revived him his eyes were nailed to the ground.

Although they distanced themselves at one point, when Caroline returned to her country, Romulo did everything in his power to contact her. through Facebook He declared his love for her.

We chatted for a long time and then he said: “I have something to tell you, I think I love you”. Even though I only knew him for a few days, I felt the same way. However, my head was asking me to step back and I replied, “I think I love you too,” Caroline recounted, according to the Daily Mail.

Now, the teacher from the UK lives with her in the Amazon a partner He helps him grow and sell cocoa.

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