They warn that the council intends to create a science park in Malaga like the one in Granada

Create a science park like the one in Granada, but in Malaga. This is what some science sectors in the city fear, including the Friends of the Science Park Association, which denounced that the establishment of the Andalusian Institute for the Dissemination of Educational Sciences in the future by the Andalusian government is “secretly” promoting in a neighboring city another science park similar to the one that already exists in Granada. Which they consider an attack to “empty the content” of the largest scientific and interactive museum in the community little by little.

On February 26, the Andalusian government issued a decree establishing the Andalusian Institute for the Publishing of Educational Sciences, which will be called “Principles,” and the project through which its powers are currently organized is subject to public information, structure and operation. In light of this announcement, concern began to appear clearly among the scientific and educational community in Granada, and messages began to spread on social media networks and via instant messages. The first organization to express itself in this way is the Friends of the Science Park, which has shown its “curiosity and interest” in what it sees as “a renewed attack on an institution that has proven its value too much and has received innumerable accolades.” National and international,” stressing that it “is considered one of the best European institutions in the field of scientific publishing.”

For the association, the establishment of the Andalusian Institute for the Publishing of Educational Sciences “has no justification,” because it “repeats the same objectives as the current Science Park,” hence the “discomfort” with this council decree. They added: “We realize that this initiative represents a new attack on an exemplary institution that has not stopped suffering, since its inauguration thirty years ago, from incomprehensible attitudes of harassment and lack of trust by certain political sectors in Andalusia.”

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Friends of the Science Park discredit the Council's creation of the Principia and doubt that its goal is scientific dissemination, since it does not attempt to “extend the units” to other cities, but to establish “an object similar in functions and organic structure” to other cities. Granada Museum. They build this opinion after reviewing the laws of principles, in the process of public information, on which they can be based. According to the association, the objectives of this “are fully consistent with those assigned to the Science Park in its statute,” leading to the question “What is the sense in a time of austerity to duplicate the services that the Park was already providing?” A remarkable success for science?

“This duplication of functions is all the more unjustified when both the President of the Andalusian Junta and other members of the Council have worked diligently on repeated occasions to defend the need to restrain expenditures and avoid the duplication of positions and officials that would increase public spending. We” seem to establish the Andalusian Institute to disseminate Educational science is a stark contrast to such statements,” they continue their argument.

For this reason, they believe that establishing the new institute is the way to “empty” the scientific park of its content little by little, in a “hidden” way, making it lose its value and weight compared to the center it aims to create. Open in Malaga. They described this as “disdain” and “lack of consideration” by the board “towards one of its most prestigious institutions.”

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Thus, they consider that “if the Andalusian government wants to promote scientific publishing, the reasonable and effective thing” would be to entrust the coordination of these activities to the Granada Science Park, “which has already demonstrated this ability, has a lot of experience and also has the right structure and the right staff.”

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