Who is responsible for the attack in Russia?

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Who is behind the attack in Russia? It has been nearly two weeks since the attack on Krokos City Hall in Moscow, and there is still no conclusive evidence confirming responsibility, although the Islamic State jihadist group has claimed responsibility. The Kremlin has hinted on multiple occasions that Ukraine may be involved, but Kiev denies these accusations, while a faction of the Islamic State has confirmed responsibility. Who could benefit from this whole situation? We discussed that in the discussion.

Russia is prosecuting those allegedly responsible for the deadliest attack in decades. On 22 March, armed individuals stormed Krokos City Hall, a concert hall and shopping mall complex in Moscow, unleashing a hail of gunfire and throwing grenades, leading to the tragic deaths of at least 144 people.

Although the Kremlin has arrested at least 10 suspects and repeatedly pointed to Ukraine as a possible culprit, Kiev has refuted the allegations. This comes despite President Vladimir Putin claiming from the beginning that “radical Islamists” were the perpetrators of the attack, and an Islamic State-affiliated group known as ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Who is really behind the attack on Crocus City Hall? Is Russia exposed to more attacks? These questions will be discussed with our guests:

– Ruth Ferrero, Professor of Political Science and European Studies at the Complutense University of Madrid and Researcher attached to the Institute of International Studies.

– Christian Lamesa, geopolitical analyst and author of the book “Father of Evil – Hitler's Accomplices.”

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