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King Charles III – King of the United Kingdom and sovereign of the other 14 kingdoms that form part of the Commonwealth of Nations – is The oldest person to assume the British throne.

Carlos Felipe Arturo Jorge was declared king 74 years old During an official ceremony in September 2022, he promised that he would follow in the footsteps of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. At the event, the new king was photographed with swollen and red fingers, arousing great interest in his health.

King Charles II suffered from illness throughout his life. From uncontrollable compulsive behaviors, to chronic body pain revealed by Prince Harry.

Some of the British King's coercive behaviors have been revealed Paul BurrellPrincess Diana's former butler, in a documentary titled Serving the Royal Family: Inside the Company.

Burrell states that Charles III required that his pajamas be washed every morning, a specified amount of toothpaste, and completely warm water at bath time.

Another of the king's diseases Dactylitiswhich causes the famous “sausage fingers”, a rare disease that is A complication Subordinate Tuberculosis.

Carlos III also suffered from COVID-19 on two occasions, although on both occasions he reported only mild symptoms.

Finally, the son of the legendary Queen Elizabeth also suffers from chronic pain, as a result of an injury he suffered at the age of 42 while playing sports. columnOne of his favorite sports.

On that occasion, then Prince Charles He broke his right arm.

Years later, he fell off the horse again at polo, Broken ribs And the cartilage of one of his knees.

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Childhood of Charles III

Charles III had a marked childhood Shy for Cooler Relations in the palace with A Strict father And one A distant mother.

At the age of nine he became the first heir to the throne to go to school, rather than being educated by private tutors in Buckingham, and spent a traumatic time at Gordonstoun, a Scottish boarding school, where according to some biographers he suffered. harassment By his colleagues.

With students staying in Melbourne (Australia) or Wales, Carlos entered Cambridge University to study archaeology and anthropology, after which he began his training as a pilot in the Royal Air Force (RAF) and also served in the Royal Navy.) .

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