María Isabel Rodriguez, a Salvadoran with a global vision

Many wonder who this representative of the Salvadoran woman who made her way in a country with a strong sexual content is.

On November 5, she will celebrate another year of her life, remembering her participation as a doctor, scientist, counselor, civil servant and teacher, in a life filled with recognition at the national and international level, including 11 honorary awards in various fields. Latin American universities.

Born on this day in 1922 in San Salvador, Rodriguez was the first woman in the country to graduate with a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of El Salvador (UES), where she made important contributions to the academic and scientific development, as well as to the country’s political sphere.

In honor of this woman, the university unveiled a sculpture in Plaza Minerva, the main entrance to the university’s central campus, next to the statue of Dr. Fabio Castillo Figueroa and other deans before her.

Her accomplishments, positions and contributions are countless in countries such as Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and the United States, among others, where she served as an international official.

As Minister of Health (2009-2014), she is remembered by her countrymen for promoting comprehensive health reform in El Salvador.

Public health specialist with international projection at the Pan American Health Organization, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of El Salvador, Rector of the University of El Salvador and Minister of Health of El Salvador are aspects of the performance that have distinguished her life and that make her today a source of pride for their compatriots.

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