Who is David Pressley, the psychologist Depo Martinez who played a key role after Argentina’s defeat in the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

After, after victory Before Mexico in Qatar 2022, Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Debo Martinez He realized that the unexpected defeat against Saudi Arabia was a severe blow for him. “I suffered a lot these days, I couldn’t sleep, I talked a lot with my psychiatrist because it’s hard to swallow my kick twice and score two goals; I know I have 45 million Argentines behind me and I could have given them more”, the Argentina goalkeeper told the press.

your statements It did not go unnoticed And as the days went by, the name of his therapist became relevant. David Priestley is British and attending Debo Martinez Four years ago, according to the Bolavip website.

Priestley is the Head of Psychology and Personal Development for Arsenal’s men’s and women’s teams Debo Martinez Since the Argentine took his first steps in that club (later moving to Aston Villa). It is said that his role was instrumental in the difficult moments in the career of the athlete, who lost his desire to watch football and even his passion for sports.

Although Priestley does not talk about his patients, he did bring up the topic at a conference in the UK. “Most athletes compete in highly demanding public settings, where their work can define them as people, where they have to excel early in life, live far from home, and have to deal with high expectations, injuries, and life-altering sums of money—the ‘fame machine’ at a relatively young age.” He explained about the reality of many of his patients.

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He added of the problem: “This could be ‘living the dream’, but this accelerated development and intensity is out of step with the emotional development and normal rates of maturation.

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