Steelers, cowboy? We can see you soon at the Azteca Stadium

Sports seem to have returned to normal after 2020 as the world is turned upside down. That includes football, which strives to have a season like any other, albeit with little change, as the NFL wants all teams to play abroad.

It was a topic during virtual meetings.

The 2021 season began in mid-March, so managers, including Commissioner Roger Goodell, held virtual meetings to determine how this NFL year would perform. This week the owners will meet in two sessions daily on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Several topics will be discussed, such as adjustments to the regular seasonal calendar, but one of the most important is the topic of international matches, which could not have taken place in 2020, and for the year 2021 it remains a mystery if it can be made again.

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So far, a match has been contemplated in Mexico for this season.

“If at any point we feel that we cannot implement it safely, we will decide. I think last year we decided not to play.” International parties Shortly before the calendar was revealed, I think it was April. Roger Goodell said.

If confirmed, a significant change will also be included in these international matches. They plan to require all teams to host at least one home game internationally every eight years so they can make the process of traveling outside the US more equitable.

The matches will be held in Mexico and England.

So far, the League has played 28 games in the regular season in the European country and four in the Aztec region, but if the proposal that the NFL wants all teams to play abroad is accepted, these numbers will increase year after year.

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