Elia Galan: Decadence and Hope

I was walking with a pretty lady on my arm, a poet with deep looks, through one of the main streets of the court, after attending a party International Opera Awards, which was held for the first time outside the UK – and increasingly disjointed – and this time it took place in Madrid, with planetary broadcasts. After beautiful melodies, in the tone of the BBC’s own, we comment on the dire state of culture in England that, after leaving the European Union, raises its head only to collide with an increasingly uncertain reality.

It’s not just recessions or strikes in universities, more than 70,000 people join the nurses, while supermarkets are short … More and more tasks, more problems, less money and also less culture … The legendary anarchy English National Opera He announced that he was leaving London in the face of cuts in benefits making it impossible for him to stay. Culture is no longer important. Only coins that, in addition, are taken by others.

I told my beauty as we walked toward the Puerta del Sol, in the middle of the night and with no stars other than lampposts, how my frustration arose among my students, in several courses, some with students from various European and North American countries, my frustration at checking the collapse of the educational standard in general. They did not know who William Tell was, nor the story of the bowman who shot the apple at the boy’s head, saving another arrow for the tyrant if he missed, and starting the rebellion. They did not know who Schiller was, or who Rossini was, or what films had been made about him; They didn’t know about Casanova either, and, therefore, they didn’t know anything about Fellini and his film about him, or who Handel was… I cried inside.

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Suddenly, as I passed a shop that was traditionally very elegant and still had its carved wooden shelves, selling religious and liturgical objects, statues and paintings, I noticed how it had been converted into a wine shop, a Serrano ham shop … More The clear shape of the male genitalia and young girls went in to buy them, because in this way they probably imagined themselves to be revolutionaries, without any shame, and then lick those outrageous sweets in front of everyone. .

Those images that changed the city gave me a metaphor for what we suffer from as a society, a civilization that rejects the sacred and replaces it with pork, sugar and belly…

But the coming of Christ has arrived, and though many celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ ignoring his abandoned message, Christmas shows how hope is possible and that in the humblest of things a world sordid with terrible injustices can be renewed.

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