While the UK leads in AI, Spain remains Carlist

Since we are here still immersed in Carlism, now with Carles Puigdemont, we do not leave the nineteenth century. As in the episode, as in the title of the protagonist himself: Monte di Monte. And in other places they are progressing. This is the case of the United Kingdom. This brings its GDP per capita to €43,434 in 2022. Almost 23% more than it reached in 2020. With its political crises, Boris Johnson kick, and everything.

United Kingdom IA

Not to mention the experimental nature of the post-Brexit situation. In Spain, it amounts to 28,280 euros in 2022, a growth of less than 20 percentage points. This means that we are moving further and further away from the problem of massive productivity. But we are still in the loop. In the UK, they are interested in leading the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in all its technical, social, ethical and political dimensions.

The UK hosts the first Global AI Safety Summit

In search of such leadership, he organized a summit this week in north London (Beachley Park), where a famous meeting took place between Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, and Elon Musk. If the second seems everywhere, the first is present in everything and did not miss the opportunity to highlight the meeting. in it X profile Sunak posted: “This week the UK made history. “We are bringing the world together to reach a common agreement on how to control AI and ensure its long-term benefits.” Here we are immersed in reactionary history. There, history is made. Now, as Musk mentioned that it won’t be necessary to work in the future, our acting vice president and “boot-nosed Evita Peron” will certainly notice (Jesús Cacho, in Fuzzpopuli) Yolanda Diaz, determined to popularize payment without work.

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Musk is everywhere

In addition to the ubiquitous musk, countries such as China, the United States, France, South Korea, Italy and as many as 27 countries were brought together. Musk’s emergence at the top was at the expense of the country’s representatives, to the point that some bad tongues speculated about the possibility of Sunak ascending to the position of vice-chairman of Tesla, when he leaves Downing Street, because the electoral forecast is not favourable.

UK allocates £100 million for AI for health

The Bletchley Declaration on the Safety of Artificial Intelligence was signed by all countries attending. Its goal is to strike the always difficult balance between maintaining innovation and avoiding the risks of so-called frontier AI models, such as the one developed by OpenAI. But the strongest waves of echoes that reached us from Bletchley were other waves, more closely related to the Sunak and Musk shirt talk; If anything arrives.

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