Medicine and solidarity, two entities of the same story

The importance of medicine in developed societies has been proven for many years. Its impact and results go beyond any current news. In an unequal world, empathy and solidarity are also important. believer DKV Announced the awards for its eighth edition Medicine and Solidarity Awards, a call focusing on anonymous people and entities in the health sector who, in addition to carrying out their professional work, also work to support or promote solidarity projects, in line with the purpose of the DKV: “Together we work for humanity”. more healthy”.

At the event in Valencia, the insurance company named winners in four categories: Solidarity Doctor, Lifetime Achievement Award, DKV Professional, and Innovation in Digital Health, each of which was awarded €10,000.

The awards were created with the aim of publicizing social and environmental solidarity initiatives in the field of medicine and health.

Awards are created with a purpose Introducing social and environmental solidarity initiatives in the field of medicine and healthAs well as in the field of digital health, honoring those who developed it and offering ways to promote, recognize and develop these projects.

The awards ceremony was attended by the President of DKV, Javier Vega de Siwan, and the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Javier Cupría. Also present were Susana Camarero, Second Vice President and Counselor for Social Welfare, Equality and Housing; Juan Carlos Caballero, Environmental Advisor, and Mr. Francisco Ponce, Regional Secretary of Health; and José Mari Olano, Advisor for Large Projects and Economy of the City of Valencia.


he The Physician in Solidarity Award, which rewards high-impact volunteer projects or actions in healthcareIt was submitted to the Association Against Blindness International (ACCI), which works in the fight against avoidable blindness. Through its project, the association has traveled annually to sub-Saharan Africa for 22 years to perform cataract interventions and ophthalmology consultations to correct myopia and combat trachoma. Second place in this category was won by the Neurosurgical Education and Development (NED) Foundation, which was created to provide neurosurgical care and improve the training of professionals in low-resource health systems.

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Doctors from Ibero-American (Ibermed) obtained Lifetime Achievement Award For his dedication to ensuring that people without economic resources in Guatemala have access to surgical care. Since 1997, the center has surgically treated more than 6,000 people. In addition, more than 200 Spanish health volunteers participated. The second Lifetime Achievement Award was won by Gabriel Masforul, a professional with a long career in the world of health and solidarity, who has contributed to the well-being and integration of all members of society, especially those with intellectual disabilities. In 2006, he established the Alex Foundation, through which he has supported more than 100 local integration projects.

DKV also appeals to citizens to participate directly in the issues

he DKV Professional Award It was handed over to Ramon Souza, President and Founder of Velius Association, which works in the Philippines for early detection of people at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, care of pregnant women from pregnancy to the postpartum period, and detection of acute malnutrition in children in the Philippines. Population, diagnosis and treatment of patients with surgical diseases.

Finally, the category winner Innovation in digital health José Manuel Rodríguez González, for his work in Senegal implementing GNU Solidarity Health 3.0, was Programming Hospital management and health information. This includes tools such as electronic medical records, hospital information systems, or laboratory management. Its modular design allows it to be implemented in small offices and in national public health systems, in addition to being cross-platform, meaning it can be installed in different operating systems, database management and enterprise resource planning.

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On behalf of DKV, the awards jury consisted of Miguel García, Director of Communications and Responsible Business; Dr. Francisco Juan, Director-General of Health; and Julian Nuño, Director of Strategy, Transformation and Innovation. Miguel Angel Manez, of the Salud con Cosas blog, was also a member; Juan Carlos Miranda, emergency nurse on social networks; Laura Almudivar, from the School of Nursing in Valencia; Lucia Galán, founder and director of the Center for Growth; Mercedes Hurtado, from the Official College of Physicians of Valencia; Marta Villanueva, Director of the IDIS Foundation; Andoni Lorenzo, from the Spanish Patients Forum.

A reference in this sector

Since its first edition, the Medicine and Solidarity Awards have received more than 1,554 nominations, 28 award-winning projects, 4 Coronavirus Recognition Awards and €280,000 in donations in recognition of humanitarian relief efforts. Excellent solidarity work carried out by specialists in the social and health sectors.

DKV too Appeals to the community and citizens to participate directly in issues such as concern for the environment, inclusion of people with disabilities, healthy eating, combating childhood obesity and women’s well-being.. Companies have a responsibility to citizens and are committed to being a responsible business: The insurance company advocates that the need to obtain economic benefits, through good products and good service, is compatible with the search for social and environmental benefit.

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