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There are many who like to send messages For various reasons, whether to comment on a specific news or send links to content that interests them. But there are different cases of words that, by and large, we don’t know how to explain. Take note.

This is the case for “ABC”. Do you really know what that means ? If they send you a message with these first three letters of the alphabet, you’d better find out now before there’s a misunderstanding.

Look: WhatsApp: What does the person with the arms in the “X” mean?

What does ABC mean in WhatsApp?

According to the gate , The meaning has to do with the sexual appetite of a person. However, others simply associate it with the initials of the alphabet as if they were starting a new year with it.

The web also has other examples of phrases that are displayed on WhatsApp, such as the next step:

  • GPI: thanks for the invitation
  • Point of view: Point of view
  • F: used to honor someone who has just died or something unpleasant has happened to them.
  • monsters: best friend
  • very funny: A lot of laughter

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