WhatsApp, we tell you how to change the letters to blue

If you are one of those people he calls most of the day The WhatsAppone of the main platforms of instant messageTalking with friends or family or solving work problems, you should know that there are many tricks that can help you justify it

On this occasion, we tell you how you can change the letters or fonts to blue, so that your conversations are unique and different. So take notes so you can surprise your contacts by sending a different text than usual.

WhatsApp, we tell you how to change the letters to blue. Photo: fix

How to change the color of the letters

We tell you the steps to follow, one of the advantages is that this trick works with iOS and Android devices:

  • The first step is to download the Fonts app from the Google Play Store or iOS Store.
  • Install it and set it as default.
  • When you’re done, go to WhatsApp.
  • Open any app and you will notice that a different keyboard appears.
  • Now look for the blue letters and the keyboard will change.
  • Type in blue letters and the other person will read your message the same way.
  • Fonts app allows you to change the font style of your WhatsApp chats.

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You can also change WhatsApp messages to round characters with the help of the same app, just set the keyboard as default, and the app will ask for permissions to access your computer keyboard.

Then enter WhatsApp, type a text and you will see that different types of letters or fonts will appear, select the round letters and start writing the message. The advantage is that the same messages will be seen by all your friends who receive the message.

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WhatsApp is a tool that is constantly automatically updated, so that users can find many new features from time to time, it is just a matter of waiting for them to arrive on the devices.

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