The Women’s Professional League will have a statute in March after the approval of the National Professional League

Madrid, February 23 (EFE). The new women’s professional soccer league will have legislation in March, after the unanimous approval of an illegal motion (PNL) in the Congressional Committee on Culture and Sports.

The initiative, proposed by the popular group, was supported by all groups and approved by an amendment of the Socialist Party, and its spokeswoman Mariana de Gracia Canales confirmed that the statute would arrive at the beginning of March and highlighted the 16 million euros aid allocated by the government to improve the facilities of the clubs loaded with European funds.

“We celebrate the joining of the People’s Group to the government’s work in promoting women’s football. The statutes will arrive at the beginning of March. After numerous negotiations in the constant search for consensus with all clubs and ‘sorrows’, a unanimous agreement has been reached. Which will mean great progress in Recognition and professionalism of women’s football.

The Socialist spokeswoman noted that “football is exposed to the largest gaps that can occur economically and professionally because of gender” and spoke of “the obligation as an advanced society to correct these imbalances”, after referring to the new sports law “. It will be a pioneer in ensuring equality in sport.”

The accredited women’s football federation is asking the Supreme Council for Sport (CSD) to urgently approve the mostly club-supported draft statute for the new league and to provide Spanish women’s football with economic resources for the professional development of the competition.

The popular spokesperson, Javier Merino, noted that the initiative aims to “inform the government that we are waiting for the last step and that his medal will be a goal for equality.”

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“We are aware of the steps, the CSD board approving professionalism and the clubs’ agreement on the laws, but the final touch is missing. From Congress we have a duty to give one last push to the government to put it on the shelf and to make professionalism a reality.”

The women’s league was announced by the government at the end of March 2021 and approved unanimously by the CSD Board of Directors in mid-June.

On January 20, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Esita, confirmed the agreement between 16 first-class clubs on the statutes of the league, which will be ratified by the CSD board of directors, and stated that the entity would be able to start work in the 2022-2023 season.

In men’s football, a year passed between the creation of the Pro League and the approval of its statutes.

On July 14, 1983, the Extraordinary Council of the Royal Spanish Football Federation approved the creation of a professional football league.

The League’s first executive committee took over on December 30, 1983 and on July 26, 1984 the statutes were approved, establishing the National Football Professional League (LNFP).

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