US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken cancels meeting with Russian Foreign Minister

The diplomatic path to resolving the Russian conflict fades Ukraine. United States Secretary of State (USA), Anthony BlinkenHe canceled the meeting scheduled for Thursday with the Russian Foreign Minister. Sergey Lavrov, Because of the “beginning of the Russian invasion” on Ukrainian territory after Vladimir Putin recognized the independence Donetsk and Lugansk And send the army there.

The suspension of the meeting, which was to be held in Geneva (Switzerland), almost completely exhausts the possibility of finding Dialogue solution to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. “Now that the invasion has begun and Russia has made clear its total rejection of diplomacy, there is no need to move forward with this meeting,” Blinkin said at a press conference in Washington with Ukraine’s foreign minister. Dmitriy Kuleba.

Attack on Kiev ‘worst case scenario’

However, the head of US diplomacy emphasized that if there was anything the US could do to avoid the “worst case scenario”, As an attack on all of Ukraine, including its capital, Kiev, “Always I will.”

For this reason, Blinken stated that the United States remains “open” to diplomacy, but first, he qualified, Russia must show that it is committed to the same “and in the past 24 hours it has shown the exact opposite,” indicated in the data collected by Efe. .

Blinkin sees Russia not even “serious” Regarding the meeting with Lavrov. “We’ve made it clear that in the context of the Russian invasion, we’re not going to move forward with that meeting,” he recalls.

Blinkin canceled the meeting with his Russian counterpart after Russia recognized the independence of the self-proclaimed separatist republics. Donetsk and LuganskIn eastern Ukraine, sending Russian troops to the Donbass.

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The US Secretary of State and his Russian counterpart have met on several occasions since the tension escalated in the border conflict, although in none of these meetings was any decisive agreement that suggests an end to the crisis was reached.

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