Scientists have discovered sharks in an active volcano in the Pacific Ocean

Thanks to technology, a group of scientists from National Geographic They discovered and photographed different underwater animals, among which were incredible Sharks; The most surprising thing is that they live inside a active volcano It is located in the Pacific Ocean.

Sharks inside a volcano

Because most organisms swimming near an active volcano can be deadlyThe group of scientists had to develop specialized robots that could do this to explore Gathering information about the area. These devices are made with very cheap materials that are virtually disposable.

At first, the team decided that it was heat and acidity that made the area habitable, but with robots and water cameras, it was possible to monitor flowers Marina for an hour. Videos inside the main Kavachi caldera show some jellyfish. Then some small fish, then hammerhead sharks.”

After the discovery of hammerhead sharks and other species inhabiting the active Kavachi volcano, which by the way is one of the most active in the Pacific Ocean, the area received the name “Sharkano‘, a play on words that unite shark (shark) and volcano (volcano).

For scientists, this is an unusual discovery and it is believed that species may exist evolved To detect changes in the behavior of the volcano and to survive in hostile environmental conditions such as acidic pH, high amounts of carbon dioxide and chemicals, and high temperatures.

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A shark video taken in 2015 was used as part of a file documentary filmtitled Sharkano which premiered on National Geographic; This focuses on the relationship between sharks and Underwater volcanoes.

According to Michael Haithos, a scientist in the Department of Biological Sciences at Florida International University, the discovery of sharks shows the important role that underwater volcanoes play in the marine ecosystem that a volcano can provide home Perfect for a variety of marine animals.

According to the world active volcano supplies the ocean with nutrients that can attract large predators such as sharks; Especially after the decline of natural foods in the Pacific Ocean due to factors such as overfishing.

Scientists have discovered sharks in an active volcano in the Pacific Ocean

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