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temporary messages from The WhatsApp It is a privacy function that after activating it will automatically delete all conversation content after 24 hours, 7 days or 3 months, remember that you and your contacts have the opportunity to choose this exact amount of time.

All the photos and videos that you share or receive through WhatsApp are immediately stored in the gallery or internal folders of your smartphone, after downloading them of course, otherwise they will be automatically deleted if you have temporary messages turned on. Did you know that there is a trick to prevent the deletion of text files and media files multiplayer even with the aforementioned tool activated? It’s something we’ll let you know from Depor right away.

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With the new tool called Saved Messages, you will be able to keep the texts and multimedia files of the conversation that enabled the disappearing messages function, something that has created confusion among users as it is against this privacy option.

The trick to keep saving WhatsApp messages

  • First, you have to download the trial version of The WhatsApp For iOS and Android users, for now, it is only available in these programs, don’t worry, we will tell you how to get it later.
  • Open the application and enter any conversation, be it personal or group (preferably with temporary messages enabled).
  • Now, tap for a few seconds on the text, photo, or video that you want to keep.
  • Various reactions and options will be displayed.
  • Finally, touch the one that says “Keep.”
  • In the chat or group info, the new option “Saved messages” will appear, here you will see all the texts or multimedia files that you have kept.
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Preview of the “temporary messages” feature in WhatsApp. (photo: mag)

How to download WhatsApp Beta for Android?

  • First, go to the Android Google Play Store and search for the app. The WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the first app that appears and scroll down.
  • Find the option “Be a Beta Tester” and click on it. If you don’t see it, access this to go straight.
  • Now, hit the “Become a validator” button.
  • Accept the terms and you will have to wait a bit for the WhatsApp Beta download to start.

How to be a WhatsApp beta tester on iOS?

  • The first thing you should do is download .
  • When you install it, simply In WhatsApp Beta for iPhone
  • You should now be redirected back to TestFlight.
  • Press accept to get the placement and it won’t take long to install WhatsApp beta on your cell phone.
  • It should be noted that participants in the WhatsApp beta on iPhone are a bit more limited.
  • Remember that every time you enter the beta WhatsApp, it may take some time to download the latest version.

Your WhatsApp account recovery guide in case you forgot your 2-step verification PIN

Another related fact is that when you activate the two-step verification and create your PIN code, WhatsApp will ask you in advance to add a password reset backup email, here is the solution, you will change the code through your Gmail or Hotmail account.

  • confirm it The WhatsApp You have no pending updates in the Android App Store or iOS App Store.
  • Open the app and a pop-up will appear automatically for you to enter the PIN you created.
  • Try to put the real thing, if you fail you will get the warning: “error pin. Try again“.
  • The next step is to click on the green highlighted phrase that says:Forgot your PIN?“.
  • Click “Send to Email”, the same one you registered to store your backups.
  • Access your Gmail or Hotmail account, where you will receive a Reset PIN link, tap on it.
  • Add a password that is easy to remember, but hard to guess, and this time write it down on a piece of paper.
  • Finally, click Confirm and enter WhatsApp.
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How do you put an image with sound in your WhatsApp statuses?

  • To achieve this effect, you must use a third-party app that complements WhatsApp.
  • It is called Capcut and now simply download it to your cell phone also .
  • In the application click where it says “New Project”.
  • Next, select the image that you want to share on WhatsApp.
  • Find the “Format” option.

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