Starfield’s Metacritic rating continues to decline

com. starfield It won’t be released until September 6, but yesterday and before that reviews of the game were published Xbox Series X|S And Computerwhich in turn revealed an early result in Metacritic For the sake of the game. However, since then, this has become the result Metacritic It went down a little bit, and in the process, com. starfield It is no longer the highest rated version of X-Box this year. Things keep moving, so this can change again, but usually the grades will Metacritic And things get worse over time, meaning he’s unlikely to regain that honor.

Currently, at the time of publishing, com. starfield in Xbox Series X|S when 87 in Metacritic. Meanwhile, version L Computer when 88. These are very respectable scores, but slightly lower than the overall scores Heavy Rushwhich it has 87 (Xbox Series X|S) and a 89 (Computer). Oddly enough, both games Bethesdabut the first one is made by Bethesda Games Studioswhile the second is Tango games.

With your grades, com. starfield It is the seventh highest rated game in Xbox Series X|S In 2023 and the 11th highest rated game in Computer In 2023. This includes all releases, not just game titles. X-Box. To put these numbers in a broader context, the previous version of Bethesda Games Studios, Fallout 4And he got dozens 84, 87 And 88with grades varying by platform.

This was in 2015. Four years ago, in 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimthe second most recent version of Bethesda Games StudiosAnd he got dozens 92, 94 And 96,again varies by platform. If these numbers mean anything, com. starfield It looks more like Fallout 4 In terms of quality and effect so Skyrim.

Read our review here on Atomix and see our gameplay on Youtube To give you an idea of ​​what this Bethesda game is all about.

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Editor’s note: I didn’t play com. starfield However, from what I’ve seen, I feel like it’s a game for its fans He falls And Sheikh Manuscripts I’m not sure if these types of games are still for me. However, I think this is no excuse for misleading in the title, as some media outlets do.

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