Alexa is spying on your conversations, but with these methods you can protect your privacy


If you have an Echo device or use Alexa regularly, this item should be on your priority list.

This is not a cause for concern, but we understand that people who buy a product with these characteristics know Privileges What they have to do. The ability of these devices to be useful through voice commands He has the counterpart that they are constantly listening even Conversation storage So that algorithm and artificial intelligence go behind it learning To communicate with us better. Alexa is Really helpful helperWe have shown you Best commands and some ghost shape secretbut maybe You don’t want me to know too much above you.

Alexa can spy on you and this is how you can avoid it

Put up barriers to Alexa if you don’t trust what you might hear

The Echo loudspeakers It is the home of Amazon Assistant and routinely uses the so-called passive listening To find out when it will be released keyword Which wakes them up, which is a habit Alexa, Amazon, or Echo. However, when this mechanism is activated, the devices start communicating Active listeningThey are ready to control everything their microphone picks up. How do you know if your speaker is actively listening to you? very easy. If you see a file blue light ring moving At the bottom, this means that the speaker is listening. However, if the bell he is yellowit means you have some Attention.

Obviously we’re talking about a technology product, so you have the upper hand. The The most reasonable solution it will be You do not have these devices At home, if you don’t want them to hear everything you can say, but we doubt that’s not the option you want, because the speakers perform interesting functions. If you click on a file button with the beveled microphoneyou will see as a file red color ring It appears at the bottom, which means the microphones are turned off.

If you still don’t trust or prefer to keep the microphones active for other uses, you may have to use Alexa app For mobile devices, the links of which you will find here below. However, there is another option delete recordings. You can do this through the application and go to the menu Plus already from the bottom Adjust. Click Alexa privacy s Check audio history. Once in, you can delete today’s recordings.

If you want more, you can also go to Said Alexa privacy s Manage skill permissions, where you can check which skills are accessing other apps and remove their permissions. exist Many solutionsFortunately, to apparently improve the privacy of our devices

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