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WhatsApp It does allow you to share photos and videos in HD (high quality), as well as the ability to adjust the color of the app to a more simple color, and you also have the option to edit your messages once they are sent, but there is still more news.

There is a fairly simple way to activate the famous “Pink Mode”. WhatsApp. The procedure is very easy, but you have to use a modified version (APK) to achieve it and thus change the entire messaging platform. What should you do? Here we will give you all the details.

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Before starting, it is necessary to clarify that you will stop using the official WhatsApp Messenger application, as in its place you will download WhatsApp Plus, the modified version of the application belonging to the company Meta.

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How to activate pink mode on WhatsApp

  • The first thing you should do is download and install the WhatsApp Plus APK. You can use this .
  • Once you download WhatsApp Plus APK, install it.
  • You can download the fully updated APK on any page of your choice. Always remember to check that the URL is trustworthy.
  • Remember that you must authorize your cell phone that you will install third party applications.
  • When you enter your verification code, you must go to WhatsApp Plus settings.
  • In this section you should go to Topics.
  • There you can choose the default settings, where the pink color is located, or start customizing it manually.
  • Choose the color you want and that’s it. You can now get pink WhatsApp.
  • You can even choose in blue, green, silver, gold, grey, and light blue. You can also select the type of wallpaper you want.
  • It should be noted that WhatsApp Plus will allow you to return to its original state. To do this, simply press the “Default” button.
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Why should you activate “dark mode” in WhatsApp?

  • If you don’t have Dark Mode yet active, you should know the following.
  • First of all, if your cell phone has an AMOLED screen, the fact that you have what is called “dark theme” will help you save battery.
  • In general, this type of display tends to turn off certain pixels when WhatsApp Dark Mode is activated.
  • Another detail is that it will prevent your eyes from getting tired too quickly.
  • This also prevents eye strain, which is very harmful today.
  • WhatsApp Dark Mode also has a very nice and simple design, so getting it is a good idea.
  • If you want to program it, you can also do so from your cell phone settings.

What does the calendar icon with magnifying glass mean in WhatsApp

  • The calendar icon is present in all mobile phones in the world, although you can see it more clearly on iPhones.
  • To access this code, you have to go to any WhatsApp chat.

Why does WhatsApp reduce the quality of videos?

The messaging app sends multimedia files in low quality Because it puts pressure on themThis is to make the charging process faster and without consuming a lot of data. However, this method of optimizing WhatsApp is not suitable if what we want is sharing while maintaining the quality of the images.

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