Inflation pushes white label purchases in Spain to all-time highs

the Economic inflation in Spain It has led to He increases important in Buy white label productsas they are More affordable for pocket From consumers. by For the first time in history, Spain outperforms its own brand sales To countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany, which have traditionally been leaders in this field. According to the latest white label sales data Between 2022 and 2023In Spain, they represent A 44.4% of total spending on purchasesWhile in the United Kingdom 43.6%, in Germany 41%, and in France 33%. Only small markets, such as the Netherlands or Switzerland, are ahead of Spain in this trend.

Compared to the previous year, Purchases of white label products in Spain increased by 2%. Javier Campopresident of the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors, recently commented that this change in consumer behavior has been “significant,” but it will not necessarily follow the same trend in the long term, given that “Spain already has the highest proportion of brands distributed in Europe“.

White label purchasing has become a The main strategy for consumers As prices Food increases more than 10%. This led to a Increase in average ticket purchase by approximately 6%. particularly, Non-alcoholic beverages are the private label products that have seen the greatest growth. Despite manufacturers’ concerns, it may be difficult to regain the ground gained by private label brands, even if prices moderate in the future.

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