These are activities for fans attending the Billie Jean King Cup Finals

Fans who come to La Cartuja Stadium between November 7 and 12 They will find much more than finals Billie Jean King Cup. The Women’s Tennis World Cup will bring together… Top 12 picks On the international scene it will bring fans from all over the world to Seville so they can enjoy the best tennis in the world but also with a FanZone designed especially for them.

“If there is one thing that distinguishes the World Cup from other competitions, it is precisely the color that the fans carry, and the passion with which they encourage and support their teams,” he explains. conchita martinez, Tournament Director, “For this reason, we have given great importance to what your experience will be like on and off the tennis courts as well.”

My intentionwho will be the friendly mascot who will tour the venue livening up everything that comes his way, will co-exist with a DJ who will fill the entire FanZone with music.

Moreover, among the activities that can be done, there are The speedometer serves -Open to all types of technique and power-; Small tennis courts For children; Free makeup area Through which fans will be able to paint their faces in their team’s colors; Two cameras where you can leave your signatures and then receive the recording; Insert it into the orange space A 3D image in which you can take a photo with the Spanish team; a A 360 photo of the Andalusia region; space with Special discounts For the Davis Cup Finals to be held in Malaga; Or the gift of a tattoo in the tent of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation.

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The most lively people will be able to join the brass band and everyone will enjoy the drinks and restaurant offers that will be installed inside the venue. It will also be the only place where official merchandise for these finals can be purchased.

What will the competition be like?

Seville succeeds Glasgow, in the UK, which was the city where the Billie Jean King Cup finals will be held in 2022. Switzerland took the title there against Australia, and this year’s finals have been exciting since they start on the 7th, a week from now. The 12 teams were divided into four groups of three, and only the winner of each group will advance to the semi-finals. That’s why each group matters, as does the leaders’ strategy in a highly condensed format packed into just six days.

Spain, which participates in Group C, will have Poland and Canada as competitors. The Spanish captain, Anabel Medina, announced that the quintet, consisting of Paola Badosa, Sara Sorribes, Rebeca Massarova, Cristina Buxa and Marina Pasoles, will be responsible for fighting for the prestigious title.

Tickets from 17 euros

Tickets are available now starting at €17 on the event website through this link. Each of them gives access to the entire competition day and the best tennis in the world will make Seville the capital of tennis.

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