New UK government signals ‘strong commitment’ to Ukraine

This was stated by British Foreign Secretary David Lammy. The commitment of your nation’s new government to Ukraine is “iron-clad.”Lamy made this statement in Chobielin. After meeting with his Polish counterpartRadoslaw Sikorski. The two ministers discussed security issues ahead of next week’s NATO summit in Washington. Lammy said the UK takes its commitment to Ukraine and NATO “very seriously”.

“Of course, what I think will be achieved in the next few days is that we will prove to Putin that,” he added. We are in it for the long haul. Regarding Economic resources to support Ukraine “The coalition is strong financially, militarily, in terms of aid, and most importantly, it is united,” says David Lammy.

A picture of unity at the upcoming NATO summit

Sikorski pointed out that NATO leaders will present a united front At the 75th summit in Washington, he said Poland was one of the leading countries “in terms of assistance to Ukraine.”

We will confirm that we have The strongest alliance in history And the? The fate of Ukraine It is part of our vital interest. “The best thing Putin can do is to withdraw from the catastrophic and criminal mistake he made,” says Radoslaw Sikorski, Poland’s foreign minister.

Lamy’s first quick trip as foreign minister, which also took him to Germany and Sweden, Restoring UK-EU relationsKeir Starmer, who is visiting the four nations that make up the UK, plans to do the same. In Scotland, Starmer announced an “immediate realignment” with the devolved governments on Sunday, and said he would try to improve the UK’s trade deal. United kingdom With the European Union, which he described as “failed.”

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