What is the top 10 comedy movie on Netflix that brings back memories of Notting Hill?

There are places that appear in films that resemble a dream, and are again chosen to depict a story. This happens with A comedy that hits the top 10 on Netflix and brings back memories of Notting Hill.

It’s about Cake shop in Notting Hill (Love Sarah), a 2020 British film, directed by Eliza Schroeder, with a screenplay by Jake Pronger. The setting mentioned in the title is the same area of ​​London where the 1999 classic film with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant takes place (A place called Notting Hill).

The 1-hour and 37-minute film tells the story of three women from different generations who, after the tragedy befell a star pastry chef, try to fulfill their dream of opening a gastronomic institution in the country. the town Kensington and Chelsea.

Synopsis of A Pastry Shop in Notting Hill, the movie that landed on Netflix and became a hit

summary Cake shop in Notting Hill It notes: “Determined to fulfill her mother’s big, final dream of opening a charming bakery in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood, 19-year-old Clarissa (Shannon Tarbet) seeks help from Isabella (Shelley Cohn), her mother’s best friend.” Created by her eccentric and eccentric grandmother, Mimi (Celia Emery), three generations of women overcome the pain of loss, doubts, and their differences to honor the memory of their beloved Sarah (Candice Brown) as they embark on a London bakery maintenance adventure filled with love, hope, and colorful pastries from every corner of the world.

Trailer for a cake shop in Notting Hill

Delivery from the pastry shop in Notting Hill

  • Celia Imrie – Character: Mimi
  • Shannon Tarbet – Character: Clarissa
  • Shelley Conn – Character: Isabella
  • Bill Patterson – Character: Felix
  • Rupert Penry-Jones – Character: Matthew
  • Candace Brown – Character: Sarah
  • Grace Calder – Character: Juliet
  • Lucy Fleming – Character: Olga

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