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WhatsApp It continues to make a series of positive changes for its users. A tool is currently being prepared to be able to adjust the color of the application to white, but this tool already exists WhatsApp Plus Red, originalwhich has been updated.

In the latest version of September 2023, we can get the tool that notifies you when someone blocks you or when they are online. Moreover in WhatsApp Plus Red You have the functionality of changing the color of the entire platform, accessing themes, and even blocking the news tab from appearing.

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In order to download WhatsApp Plus Red Original, it is necessary to have the APK file that we will provide you in the following steps, as well as to grant it the corresponding permissions for Google Chrome so that you can install third-party applications.

Download the original WhatsApp Plus Red: APK latest version

  • The first thing, as we always emphasize, is to make a backup copy of WhatsApp.
  • After that you will just have to delete the entire Meta application.
  • At that moment you should download WhatsApp Plus Red. Just follow this .
  • Now give it permissions to access your calendar so you can chat.
  • Then you must enter your number, wait for the verification code to arrive, and enter your name.
  • When finished, the original WhatsApp Plus will appear in full red.
  • If you want to change its color to traditional, just go to Plus Configuration.
  • Start chatting with all your friends from that moment on without interruption.
  • The good thing is that this version is anti-ban, but that does not mean that it is outdated.
  • Always try to check for new APK files that come from the original WhatsApp Plus Rojo app.
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Remember that if you have an issue with the app, you can contact WhatsApp. If you are banned or something simply goes wrong with your device, you can use this .

A form will open there for you to fill in all your personal information: including your real name, email, it can be your Gmail or any company, the country you are writing from, as well as your cell phone number, which must be accompanied by your country code.

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