UK evaluates monitoring migrants with electronic bracelets

The British executive authority seeks to control asylum seekers who cross into the country irregularly. It sparked criticism from human rights organizations who denounced that this meant treating people as objects.

The British government does not rule this out Resorting to installing electronic devices to control immigrants who enter illegally in the UK. british home secretary, Suela BravermanHe stressed that the executive authority is “evaluating all options” to “exercise some control” over asylum seekers. The initiative seeks to control people who cross into the UK irregularly across the English Channel in small boats.

Immigrants in the United Kingdom. Photo: Reuters.

Increased holding capacity

brave He was consulted for the information first reported by the newspaper timesWhich revealed the plans that the government is studying Integrating GPS locators for migrants who cannot be temporarily housed In the country’s detention centers due to limited space. In this sense, the conservative politician alluded to the recent implementation of a new “reference” legislation, the so-called Illegal Immigration Act, which gives them “the power to detain those who arrive here illegally and quickly transfer them to a safe country.” Rwanda.

Under this illegal immigration law, the government is legally obligated to detain people who arrive in this country illegally and send them either to Rwanda (with which it has an agreement) or to a “safe” third country. It is among the changes introduced recently as well Includes the use of boats to detain migrants.

Suela Braverman. photo: Twitter @DailyMirror.

but, times He pointed out that the shortage of accommodation for asylum seekers is prompting the British Home Office to explore other alternatives. “We are examining all options to ensure control of those who arrive illegallysaid Braverman, who cited the need for “increased detention capacity.”

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Human rights organizations criticized the use of these sites. It is dealing with people as things and not as people. In search of security,” he said. Anwar SuleimanDirector of the Refugee Council, according to British media.

Stopping entry through the English Channel

As the debate continues, the UK seeks to block crossings of the English Channel, and the fate of many migrants remains up in the air. A barge called “Baby Stockholm“, was located off the coast of Portland, Dorset, in southern England and had capacity to accommodate up to 500 people. However, the first 39 occupants were not received until August, due to delays linked to fire safety issues.

A migrant rescued by boat crossing the English Channel, on Dungeness Beach, Kent (UK). Photo: EFE | Tolga Akmen.

On August 11, a health emergency led to the evacuation of its entire population, due to the presence of bacteria that produce a dangerous type of pneumonia. The British Home Office is also examining the option of using tents as a housing solution for asylum seekers, a move aimed at cutting costs.

As of the end of March 2023, the UK has housed more than 47,000 applicants in hotels spread across the country. The government kept about 5,000 vacant beds in hotels, a measure taken to prevent overcrowding in detention centers, according to Interior Ministry sources.

Refugee situation

As of June this year, more than 175,000 people were awaiting a decision about whether to grant them refugee status, 44 percent more than last year. Refugees Council, an advocacy group, said the delays in the system had a “devastating effect” on the refugees. “Their lives have been put on indefinite hold while they anxiously await to find out if they will be able to remain in the UK,” the organization said.

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Like his predecessors Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak makes reducing immigration to the UK a priority, one of the great promises of Brexit. “Stopping irregular arrivals by sea is the priority.” In early March, Sunak said at a weekly question session in the House of Commons, in which he promised to “end the criminal gangs that traffic in immigrants.”

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