What is research money?

Fund risk research

The Center for Business Competitiveness Development reports that 8 out of 10 Mexican companies fail within their first two years of existence. Project Failure Institute and National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) similar figures: only 25% of SMEs exceed the two-year barrier.

In contrast to this data, the results of the research have a 2% risk of failure, lower economic start-up pressure, and a good company being acquired from the start, according to Cardenas, who promotes this model in Mexico to promote alternatives to entrepreneurship.

Finding money in Mexico

Mexico is a leading international search fund company. According to figures from a study by IESE Business School and Stanford University, the country is an internationally leading country with 28 funds, ahead of Brazil, the United Kingdom and France.

Similarly, Mexico has more than 106 entrepreneurs and search funds that conduct searches and invest in the country, according to searchfunder.com, a global platform that brings together entrepreneurs of this type.

For Félix Cárdenas, this is because there are about 15,000 companies in Mexico that have the characteristics that search funds are looking for:

1) The bill is between 5 and 30 million dollars.
two) The installed capacity is not at 100% and can be maximized.
3) Easy access to export markets that enables currency diversification.
4) Low levels of debt.

In Mexico, in the development of this kind of model, companies such as Vestige Capital, which acquired Bomi de México for $24 million – called Medistik and had a refrigerated logistics business, specializing in medicines and medical stocks – which he sold to Tresalia Capital for 104 Million dollars.

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Lottus Capital also stands out, which was created in 2013, and in 2015 bought the Universidad de las Tres Culturas in Mexico City with 5,000 students and currently operates 30 campuses, with about 50,000 students, one of the largest private educational institutions of. Country.

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