What did the Argentine president really say about the dispute with the UK?

the Falkland Islandsalso known as the Falkland Islands, remains the subject of a territorial dispute between the Falkland Islands The Argentine Republic and the United Kingdom Since the armed conflict in 1982. Although the United Nations currently recognizes the United Kingdom as the administrative power of the territory, tensions and claims by Argentina remain.

Recently, in an interview conducted by the Argentine Prime Minister, Javier Miley, told the BBC, raised controversy over sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands. In this interview, a journalist from the British network consulted Miley about the Argentine position on this region. Carmela Moro, Secretary General of the Iguallar Party, posted a message on the X platform questioning Miley’s statements, noting that he stated that the islands are British.

However, these statements have since been misleading Miley simply expressed the current situationThe Falkland Islands form part of the United Kingdom’s overseas territory.

The sovereignty dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom has been recognized by several international institutions. The United Nations considers the Malvinas Islands A non-self-governing territory administered by the United KingdomWhile the Argentine Constitution ratifies Argentina’s sovereignty over these islands and their corresponding marine and insular areas.

Regarding Miley’s response to the BBC, the Argentine President expressed his government’s readiness to do so Search for a peaceful solution Through a long-term negotiation process with the United Kingdom. Miley stressed the importance of rational and constructive dialogue between the two parties, stressing that searching for a solution does not mean giving up Argentine sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.

The President of Argentina also mentioned the possibility of convincing the United Kingdom through negotiations to recognize Argentine sovereignty over the islands, although he acknowledged that this process may take time.

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Regarding the visit of the British Foreign Secretary to the islands in February, the following: This was not interpreted as a provocation, and recognition of the United Kingdom’s right to make decisions regarding the territory. Furthermore, Miley rejected any criticism of historical figures such as Margaret Thatcher, stressing the importance of separating nationality or race from evaluating their actions.

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