The UAT student will represent Mexico in the science competition in Indonesia

The outstanding academic performance and commitment to excellence of students of the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas (UAT) has once again been highlighted by the achievement of Manti Middle School student Luis Fernando Aguiñaga Rodriguez, who will have the honor of representing Mexico in the World Cup. The Indonesia 2024 International Olympiad for Applied Science Projects, scheduled to be held in the city of Surabaya, located on the island of Java, before the end of this year.

Luis Fernando, who is currently studying his second semester of high school at UAT Manti High School, will attend the Olympiad organized by the Young Scientists Association of Indonesia.

A UAT high school student’s project is analyzing the potential for using basic fungal enzymatic systems to primary degrade cigarette butts, with the aim of reducing their environmental impact. Basidiomycetes are a division of the kingdom Fungi that includes typical mushrooms and cap mushrooms.

This exploratory pilot project offers an innovative alternative for managing and treating solid cigarette waste, harnessing the potential of these fungi.

The young man had the support of a strong research and research team composed of professionals from various fields, including Isabel Medina, Rubén Pérez, Alma Altamirano, Isabel Amaro, Guadalupe Bustos, Daniela Avalos, Nora Garza, Elisa Córdova, Karina Segura, Carelly Anaya, and Francisco Miranda. , Ingrid Rodriguez, and Fabiola Sanchez, under the supervision of teacher Ma. Del Pilar Garza Aguilar, Principal of Manti High School at UAT.

Luis Fernando will once again represent UAT and Mexico in that competition where last year he won the gold medal.

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During his career at Manti High School, he was honored at other national and international science events, as well as founding the Science Fair Club on this campus, transforming the institution into a hotbed of science and innovation.

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