The UK DGA offers DR terms for hosting companies with a near transfer model

London, United Kingdom.- The Directorate General of Customs (DGA) made a presentation in London on connectivity, storage spaces, technology and the modern legal framework in which the ports and airports of the Dominican Republic operate, so that foreign companies bring part of their revenues from production operations to the country, given the returnto Proximity as a business model.

During the Dominican Republic Hard Data Conference, figures and arguments were presented that support that the country is already an ideal logistics hub for companies from the UK, where they visited, to British investors and diplomats who have exported more than 578 million US dollars in the last five years, established distribution or production centers Its own joint venture in the Americas.

Daniel Peña, Deputy Director of Technology at the DGA, representing the Director General, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, highlighted that the average daily inspection of containers at the Port of Haena increased from 160 to 1,000, following the installation of X-ray scanners in that terminal, and the Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) of They number 596 in the country, and the 158 indicators on which the DGA’s Risk Engine (MOR) must classify loads using artificial intelligence.

“The 24-hour clearance of goods, the new customs law, the modernization of X-ray machines, the simplification of bureaucratic processes and the implementation of new risk management systems provide all the facilities for the country to be the most competitive logistics center in the region,” Peña said during his presentation.

Likewise, he highlighted that the Dominican Republic is the second country with the largest air connectivity in the Americas in 2023, according to IATA measurements, the third country with the largest number of sea connections in terms of the number of countries in the region, and the country with the best mail delivery time. in the region, according to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI).

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He explained that 109 exporters carry out their operations digitally (Paperless) And the number of countries to which it exports from the Dominican Republic has increased from 15 in 2020 to 64 different countries currently.

Among the most popular products currently exported from the Dominican Republic to the United Kingdom are bananas, at 41.63%; Banana 28.48%; In smaller proportions, recognizable devices for use in stomata, avocados, and personal care and hygiene items.

While ProDominicana Director, Biviana Rivero, during her participation, expressed that global exchange between the two countries also grew by more than 15% last year and quadrupled in the past ten years.

“Direct investments continue to flow, and in 2023 we have more than $25 million,” Rivero explained.

Amauris Vasquez, President of the British Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic (BRITCHAM DR) and Elenio Duran, Dominican Ambassador to Great Britain, highlighted that the aim of this Dominican Week is for British business people to understand the competitive advantages that the Dominican Republic offers. Encouraging trade exchanges.

While the British Ambassador, Muqbil Ali, reiterated that the relationship between the two countries has quadrupled in the past ten years, and stressed that the Dominican Republic provides “incredible” opportunities for British companies.

Dominican Week UK 2023

The British Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic (BRITCHAM RD), the Dominican Embassy in the UK and the UK Embassy in the Dominican Republic kicked off on Monday the 10th edition of Dominican Week in the UK in which they are participating in a delegation of more than 100 businessmen and public officials who will work on Enhancing trade and cultural exchange between the two countries throughout this week.

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There are important meetings between representatives, officials and businessmen from the two countries with the UK Export Finance, the export credit agency in Great Britain, to obtain new facilities that increase investments and encourage exports between the two countries. Both countries.

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