How do I know if I have been banned from WhatsApp without anyone knowing?

WhatsApp is one of the Instant messaging applications Most popular in the world. That's why the app has a contact blocker, so you don't receive messages, photos or videos from specific people.

However, it is blocked by someone else WhatsApp can be complicated, How do I know if they blocked me? ? Although there is no official and guaranteed way within the application to verify this information, There are some tricks to achieve this Without the need to download programs or Applications From third parties.

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If someone blocks a WhatsApp user, You cannot be contacted through the application. It will be impossible to send or receive text messages, and calls and status updates will not be visible.. Which in turn is work Can be reversed As many times as necessary, deactivate the block and allow the person to connect again.

This is how you can find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp. Source: Archive

How do I know if they blocked my WhatsApp number

For anyone who doubts that He has been banned from WhatsAppYou should pay attention to some of the following signs.

Some signs are:

  • The contact is no longer responding. When a contact is blocked, it becomes impossible to receive or send messages.

  • The sent message no longer appears with the double mark. If all your messages to this contact have only one check mark, it may mean they are blocked.

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In addition to this test, there are other things that can be checked.

  1. See if your profile picture will appear. If you are blocked, you will no longer be able to access their private information. For example, if your profile picture does not appear; This may mean that this contact has blocked you.

  2. Check if the last connection time is shown. Although you can enable or disable this option, if you can't see it, it's another sign of a possible ban. Pay attention if this happens with you not being able to see the image as well.

  3. I tried adding them to a group. If a user blocks you, you won't be able to add them to the group, so this is another way to check that.

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