Weyland-Yutani and redemption funds

Spain this week was the European champion for the EU’s recovery plans, and the economic news so far this century. To get an idea, no living Spaniard has seen money pumping into our economy with similar characteristics, and very few of those still alive today will see more relevant economic news. Despite watching discussions on tables on a stretcher who cares about twelve pardons.

This rain of millions, for obvious reasons, will create a commercial fabric but above all it will fall on the existing business fabric, and given the speed of irrigation required, it will be the large companies of the Ibex-35 that will benefit the most. This, of course, generates mistrust in the accuracy of the process and in the benefits it ultimately produces in the real economy.

Video analysis by Pedro Valen

This suspicious view of large corporations certainly has ideological, technical and possibly historical reasons as well. But above all, it has cinematic reasons. Hollywood has taught us to be wary of big business and it has gone to great lengths and decades to establish that image.

Ian Holm (Ashe) in a still from the movie 'Alien: The Eighth Passenger'

Ian Holm (Ashe) in a still from the movie ‘Alien: The Eighth Passenger’

Twenty Century Fox Film Company

My favorite is Weyland-Yutani Corporation, which appears in the series alien. In the first movie, Stranger: the eighth passengerراكبWe only know about her that her working conditions and salary supplements are debatable and debatable – from the moment they wake up to the Nostromo crew – and she also has a mantle in the crew that is Artificial Ash (Ian Holm) and that she acts like a sliver deep inside.

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In the second movie, and before Lieutenant Ripley starred in one of the most exhilarating moments of slipping before the science fiction board (remember: “Damn, that’s not all! Because if one of these things happens here, it will be like that! Then you can forget about this nonsense that you think is so important!”); Well, before that, Paul Reiser introduces himself to Sigourney Weaver, saying: “My name is Carter Burke, sent by the company. But don’t worry, I’m a good guy”. This “but” is useful. And indeed in the end it will turn out that Carter Burke will be miserable.

Sigourney Weaver, as Ripley, accepts Welland-Yutani's advice in a still from a movie

Sigourney Weaver, as Ripley, accepts Welland-Yutani’s advice in a still from “Aliens: The Return”

Twenty Century Fox Film Company

One of the great railroad and mining entrepreneurs of the West, Hollywood has always warned us about the accumulation of capital and general concessions.

The existence of virtuous companies in superhero cinema would be hampered like Wayne Enterprises, in Batman, or Stark Industries, in Iron Man, but the superhero universe has always thought the opposite of these companies. So, in the DC Universe, Bruce Wayne’s dark side is Lex Luthor’s Lex Corp, and in Marvel, Iron Man spends every movie taking on super-villains who are other makers in the same sector with the least amount of concern.

Stark Tower, the headquarters of Stark Industries, in

Stark Tower, the headquarters of Stark Industries, in “The Avengers”

Marvel Studios / Disney

Business cinema in recent years has focused on portraying Silicon Valley geniuses and their companies as sinister subjects. Both are real, in adaptations of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg’s life, as well as in fiction: there we have the Bluebook Company, from the movie Ex Machina, or the famous Tyrell-Corporation Blade Runner. Anyway, the list is endless.

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El Industrial Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) en 'Iron Man 2'

El Industrial Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) en ‘Iron Man 2’

Marvel Studios / Disney

What is Hollywood trying to tell us? Well, without being paranoid, we are vigilant about using European money in big companies because, without contesting technological advances, digitalization and artificial intelligence is what Cambridge Analytics used to remove the UK from the EU (in what we can consider a technological revolution), as well as In what they invested in Cyberdyne Systems Corporation, the company that created the first Terminator.

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