Weightlifters will travel to Colombia to search for stakes for the 2021 Tokyo Games

The weight team has little time to celebrate the US runners-up that they won in the Dominican Republic last weekend. They returned to the country on April 26, 2021 and on April 28 they will travel to Colombia, For a new event.

The five Pan American weightlifters, plus the two men who completed the selection (Jorge Arroyo and David Zurita), were stationed in a hotel. Guayaquil So yesterday afternoon and today they are planning to travel to Cali for him South American Championships, Which will start on May 10.

This will be the last event to be allowed to score in the face of Olympic qualification in Tokyo 2021. For this reason, Ecuadorian Weightlifting Federation (FELP) and the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee (COE) planned a week of adjustment and preparation in Colombia.

“In the Dominican Republic a big turnout has been achieved, and there is one last step on our way. Athletes are well prepared to keep winning medals,” said Luis Zambrano, president of the federation.

12 medals were obtained in Dominican Republic They gave the Ecuadorian national team and event runners-up, in the women’s section, only to be outdone by the United States delegation. Colombia closed the podium in third place.

The national team added 4 gold, 4 silver, and 4 bronze medals. Only women attended the event, accompanied by COE President Augusto Moran, and the FELP technical team. Prior to their trip, the athletes were stationed for a month in Portovigo.

“I highly appreciate the Ecuadorian team’s participation in the last Pan American championship, as all the women participating were on the podium and this is great. We are close and we must act with the same integrity,” added Zambrano.

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According to the leader, coexistence in the capital of Manabe allowed them more focus and focus, in the face of international competitions. And according to him, the complex gave them comfort and tranquility. They left behind the complications of 2020 (because Coffee 19) “They just focused on the events,” Zambrano said.

To get to Tokyo, Ecuadorean weightlifters must be ranked among the top eight in the ‘rating‘, In each of its sections. Additionally, as Zambrano explained, there cannot be two players from the same country in the same category.

Neisi Dajomes, In the 76kg division, he showed his complete dominance by winning three golds with a score of 115kg in snatch, 135kg in jerk and 250kg in total. This allows you to continue adding points of value to leverage positions inrating‘international.

At the moment, Dajomes is not among the top eight. Its lack of participation in international events during the year 2020 – the year of the pandemic – has made it lose a place among the top spots in its class, despite the addition of four Absolute All-American Championships (2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021).

He has experience in the OlympicsAfter participating in Rio 2016, where he received a seventh-place diploma, with a period of only 18 years.
Another of the highlights was Tamara SalazarWho won 2 silver and 2 gold medals in the 64 kg category. She ranked second in snatch, with a weight of 110 kg, first in a jerk, with a weight of 146 kg, and second overall, with a weight of 256 kg.

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It is fourth in the world ranking, so a good participation in Colombia will ensure its presence in its first games.

The most experienced of the team, Alexandra Escobar, took the silver in the starting position, with a weight of 59 kg. This was one of the most contested divisions. To reach the platform, the tricolor lifted 96 kg.

Escobar, 40, is eighth in the “ranking” so you have to get medals in Colombia to get to it Tokyo 2021, Which will be his fifth Olympiad. As the last competition before her retirement, Esmeraldeña hopes to make good on the promise she made to her late husband.

In a section of 64 kg, Angie Blasius He was awarded a silver medal in snatch, 105 kg, and a bronze medal in total 225 kg. Lyseh Ayovey pinned three bronze medals in the women’s heavyweight category (+97 kg). Recorded 115 kg snatch, 145 kg jerk, and 260 kg total.

Athletes trained yesterday at a runway FELP, Located in facilities COE, In the North Central Guayaquil.

The property is located a few blocks from Focus Hotel, to avoid long trips and ensure the health bubble they’ve been exposed to.

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