We have announced an invitation to enter 2022 for UAZ

The school administration of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ) has announced that it is working to enter the next academic year in the academic programs of some fields such as: engineering, law, health sciences, humanities, basic sciences and from the preparatory unit in the second, third, fourth, fifth and tenth schools in semi-scholastic mode .

The call is valid, from January to June 2022, said the School Management Coordinator, Samantha Desiree Bernal Ayala, who has places in Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineer; Surveyor and Hydrographer Engineer; Computer Engineering; industrial electronics engineering; industrial design engineering; electrical engineering; Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering. Computer engineering technology. Additionally, Bachelor of Philosophy (Online), Bachelor of Actuarial (Online), Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Water Science and Technology and General Practitioner.

Referring to the Ph.D., he commented that there are voids in: Ph.D.s in physical sciences with a physical orientation. PhD in basic sciences with a mathematical orientation. Ph.D. in Light and Matter Science and Technology; PhD in engineering sciences. PhD in Engineering for Technological Innovation. PhD in Engineering and Applied Technology.

The university official indicated that the following postgraduate courses will accept new applicants: Master of Science and Technology of Light and Matter. MSc in Materials Science and Engineering. MA in Critical Thinking and Interpretation. MA in Study and Solution of General Problems. Master of Science in Information Processing. Masters in Educational Information Technology. Master of Science in Engineering. Master of Engineering for Technological Innovation. MSc in Engineering and Applied Technology and MSc in Mathematics.

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In the case of specializations, the institution offers the specialization in Bioethics, Specialization in Crime Prevention, Specialization in Anesthesiology, Specialization in Surgery, Specialization in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Specialization in Family Medicine, Specialization in Internal Medicine, Specialization in Pediatrics, Specialization in Surgical Nursing , majored in Community and Family Nursing, majored in Critical Patient Nursing Care, majored in Geronto – Geriatric Nursing and majored in Management and Nursing Education.

The process that applicants must follow consists of five steps: The first step is to start the online pre-registration process, enter the page www.escolar.uaz.edu.mx and fill out the electronic forms by sending an email. Immediately by mail, you will receive the payment form for the right to the exam, which must be paid at the window of any Banorte branch, explained the head of the school administration, Bernal Ayala.

He said the next point is that after making the bank payment, the applicant will be able to fill out the Ceneval context questionnaire and then he will be able to print his pre-registration sheet before November 12, 2021. Within this part of the process, validation of the applicant’s documents is carried out, The form for the right to the exam is delivered, for upper intermediate level (high school), higher level (bachelor) and postgraduate (specialty, master or doctorate); EXANI I, EXANI II and EXANI III, according to which level to take.

In this sense, the university official informed, that the documents to be verified are: CURP, Birth Certificate, Proof of Address and Certificate of Studies. This evaluation will take place at https://apps.uaz.edu.mx/aspdoc/ from 16-19 November 2021 and will be scheduled.

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Another aspect that the pool of applicants should consider is that the right to enter the profession will depend on the ability of each academic unit, and the criteria for each program will be considered, thus considering that in some cases the Ceneval exam is not the only selection criterion to ensure your admission to a university Zacatecas Independent.

In the special case of entering the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Health Sciences, you must first enter the official page of the said unit www.medicinahumana-uaz.mx and submit the following assessments: Psychological Examination and EXANI II Ceneval, obtaining in the latter a result of at least 1100 global weighted score.

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