Pulisic is still unable to recover from the injury he suffered in the match against Honduras

London, England.- Christian Pulisic Still without resuming training with him Chelsea after dissatisfaction a Ankle injuryAs this art Mars said Thomas Tuchel.

The American has not played since then August 14, in which he scored a goal in Chelsea’s 3-0 victory over Crystal Balsi At the start of the Premier League.

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Pulisic was injured while playing for the national team United State In view of Honduras In early September. It was his sixth injury her wings In the two years he spent with Chelsea.

“He was about to resume training last week, but he got injured. She has some pain, but nothing serious,” Tuchel said. “He is very patient. He does everything he can, and we see what he’s going through.”

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“He wants to be on the pitch and help. But unfortunately it is an injury that takes time.”

Pulisic also missed the United States’ last three matches in the qualifying rounds World Cup Qatar.

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The inauspicious start of the season for Pulisic included a covid-19 infection that left him inactive for some time.

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