“We had a duty to make the world a better place.”

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Madrid, March 17th (EFE). – As they set out to reclaim their most personal repertoire, The Jacksons want to recreate the message of loneliness they always displayed in songs like “Can You Feel It?” Re-released on Friday. With a new mix and the voices of Martin Luther King and Barack Obama.

“It’s something we have always sang. We have traveled all over the world and that gave us the opportunity to see things that were not available to others; being in such a situation forces you to try to make the world a better place,” Tito and Jackie Jackson justified Effie from the other side of the Atlantic.

The most famous family music quintet in history knew what she was talking about after her childhood in Gary (Indiana) who was advised not to go out to play in the street before the occasional ethnic outbursts erupted, and only a few years later she became the first black band. That came from a tour to Australia, at the end of the world.

“Could you feel that?” Said Tito and Jackie, who co-wrote with their aforementioned famous brother Michael. More than 40 years ago.

“At a time like this, with all the” Trumpism “and the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the Coronavirus, a song like this formed a very strong and necessary political argument,” they justified this before redistributing this song, which was originally published as part of – the album “Victory” (1980).

“We cannot be jealous of Michael.”

The complete album will be released again with additional material in April, a few weeks after it was re-released in the digital format of its predecessors, the first three albums they made for CBS / Epic: “The Jacksons” (1976), “Goin ‘Places” (1977) and “Destiny” (1978).

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“One of the reasons we signed with them was because they gave us the opportunity to record our own songs,” Jackie assured of leaving Motown, their first company, which made them famous, so they had to change their stage. Name from The Jackson Five to The Jacksons simply.

They added that Sony’s massive distribution system today “which has reached every corner of the world, also influenced their decision to change the name.” Tito, whose transition to youth icons was not complicated, insisted, “Our voices were changing, we were no longer children but teenagers, and we wanted to show people what we were capable of.”

They emphasized, “If you think about it, ABC’s song was the most childish single that we released that made not only the children listen to us, but also their parents. Thus, we were able to transcend the generations.”

Among the first songs in his handwriting that saw the light was the song “Blues Away,” signed by Michael Jackson, previously referred to at the time as the band’s major star and co-author or co-author of other songs such as “Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)” , With several solo albums and participating in a new release of “The Wiz” with Diana Ross.

Alongside him, The Jacksons continued to publish material together and Victory (1984), which replaced “Triumph,” became a bestselling movie, in part because it drew directly from the previous success of “Thriller”. (1982).

According to some voices, if Michael delays his final departure from the group, it is due to family pressure not to let the rest of the brothers reel, and in fact, he only had a testimonial share in his latest work, 2300 Jackson Street (1989).

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“We never thought Michael would overwhelm the rest. We knew about his talent from the first day we included him in the band, so we put him before us as a vocalist. He had so much energy. Our brother was the greatest artist who lived to this day, and his last name is Jackson. I can’t be jealous of him. Without losing her constant smile, Jackie confirmed. EFE

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