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There is a cafe called Dylan Dog at 7 Craven Road near Paddington Station in West London. For most Londoners, it is an ordinary place. But for fans of Italian comedy, this site is mesmerizing, since 1986 it has been home to the superhero fictional detective Dylan Doge, a very popular character in Italy, but almost unknown in the UK.

This does not offend author Tiziano Sclavi (1953), the father of the Inquisitor, because he himself had never set foot in the United Kingdom due to his fear of flying and extreme claustrophobia. These are obsessions conveyed to his character, whose adventures have been translated into no fewer than 10 languages. Doug, a 30-year-old former Scotland Yard officer recovering from alcoholism, is a private investigator who investigates unusual, reality-limiting and paranormal cases.

London Dylan Doug is somewhat mysterious, almost dreamlike, as a result of years of study.

He is impulsive, annoying, and insecure about himself and the world. His trusted friend and best friend is Groucho Marx, who is inspired by the American comedian, and the two share a home full of brutal gadgets.

Dylan Doug London’s book is a bit mysterious, almost dreamlike, the result of years of study. “In the early years of Dylan Dog, in the 1980s and 1990s, it was not easy to find documentation of the places that needed to be described. I reviewed several books, but it was difficult to give them to the painters, some of whom lived in faraway places. The first for London did not show many real scenes, other than Big Ben and London Bridge, everything is much easier now.

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All I do is search for an image online and forward the link to the painter, ”said Sklavie.“ I must add, however, that I “lived” in London mostly, through English literature, music and movies, which always makes me feel at home. My wife and I dream that one day we will be subjects of Her Majesty the Queen. “

Of course, everything would have been easier if Sclavi had set the story in his homeland, but according to the author, the lands of Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were an obvious choice. “The UK is often imagined as the land of ghosts, fairies and mysteries,” he explains. “And then there is the fog. Fog is a symbol of magic, astrology and fear.

Although there is a large number of authors in my country recently Exciting novels, It was not synonymous with horror genre. I would use Italy for any other kind of story. And let’s face it, if my character’s name was Quagliarulo instead of Dylan Dog, who would buy it? ”

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