Here’s a Nike ad for pregnant sports that everyone applauds

In conjunction with celebrating Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, Nike honored A group rarely associated with the world of sports: pregnant women.

The multinational company launched an emotional spot in it He compares the maternity challenge to an athletic effort And there are more than twenty women who combine pregnancy, motherhood and sports.

More and more women are exercising regularly before and after childbirth And the big sports brands are starting to notice. Nike itself launched its first line of maternity and postpartum sportswear last year.

After surveying more than 150,000 women, including 30 elite athletes and hobbyists, Nike took these women’s needs into consideration and designed a set consisting of a sports bra, sweatshirt, shirt and leggings. Designed to adapt to the physical changes that occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Now, the brand addresses this group once again with a strong message of appreciation for the mammoth and heroic mission of motherhood, which begins with a tough question: “Can you be an athlete? You are pregnant. You are a mother”.

The spot It reflects what it means to be an athlete and reveals the similarities between sport and motherhood. What is an athlete? Someone moving? Someone gets things anyway? Anyone Listening To His Body? Someone that defies gravity? Who deals with pain and exceeds its limits? In fact, mother, like any athlete, does all of that and much more.

The inspiring campaign is the work of Wieden + Kennedy London and Features like Serena Williams, Alex Morgan, Perry Edwards, Bianca Williams, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Nia Ali.

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