Watch Method Man and Pete Davidson turn Mark Cohen’s Walking In Memphis into Staten Island anthem

Pete Davidson joined forces with Mark Cohn, Method Man and Big Whit on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live to perform a parody of Cohn’s song “Walking in Memphis.”

In the sitcom, Davidson wears a hoodie that reads “I <3 Staten Island" and contemplates his hometown, contemplating its beautiful places, like cake shops, pizzerias, and a landfill visible from space.

Mark Cohn appears briefly, declaring his reluctance to join the sitcom, before fully committing and donning a Davidson-and-Big Wet-like cap.

The group sings about the unique attractions of Staten Island (“I thought this strip club was a McDonald’s/and the zoo was too small”) and remembered local celebrities such as rap legend Wu Tang Clan and his Method Man. It naturally adds to the fun.

Everyone ends the song on the Staten Island ferry, with Davidson saying “Wow, look at the ocean, imagine if we could swim in it,” while Method Man points to a corpse floating in the water.

Cohn hit the charts with “Walking In Memphis” in 1991 and won a Grammy that year for Best New Artist. Cher covered the song in 1995 for her twenty-first album, “It’s A Man’s World”, and debuted at number 11 on the UK Singles Chart.

During the same episode of SNL, Shang-Chi actor and legend of the ten episodes, Simu Liu, appeared as a presenter and Saweetie performed as the musical guest.

Elsewhere on SNL, guest musical Taylor Swift last week joined Pete Davidson in a sketch for “Three Sorrowful Virgins,” singing a parody of “Sad Ron Weasley” that sounds like “The Big Bird Who Lost All Its Feathers.”

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It was also recently announced that Billie Eilish will be returning to the SNL stage next month, as the musical guest and debuting as a host. Other notable artists that have doubled include Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Britney Spears, among others.

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