Waiting for CBP One in Mexico? The fastest way to receive money from the United States

The wait in Mexico for immigrants seeking legal entry into the United States through CBP One is almost always long, more than three months, and keeping the money is just as important as the appointment itself. This is the fastest way to send money transfers from the United States to Mexico.

Amid the stress of being in a foreign country waiting for an immigration appointment, traditional bank transfers have given way to a variety of mobile applications that allow you to send money to Mexico instantly and with very low commissions.

These digital platforms have revolutionized the way we send money, making everything faster, with the money reaching your family member or friend in Mexico within minutes, even on the same day!

Services like Xoom, CapablyBroxel Pay, Wise and Western Union not only offer multiple shipping options such as bank transfers, cash deposits and home delivery, but they also adapt to the needs and preferences of each sender.

Sending money to Mexico from the US, waiting for CBP One

Whether you’re looking for the fastest option, the option that offers the lowest commissions, or the option that allows you to send cash, these platforms give you the ability to choose the option that best suits your needs.

We know that many immigrants waiting for CBP One are looking for work “on the left,” but often they don’t get it, especially when they have to move to another state or enter the Northern Territory.

You have to get plane tickets, etc., which is why it’s important to know the most effective option for sending money to Mexico from the US, like the apps we mentioned above. For example, Broxel and Wise have commissions of less than four dollars, which is very economical for those sending money transfers from the United States to Mexico. what do you think?

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